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Wife buys iPhone 11 Pro for husband after he complained that his old phone is slowing down


According to the man identified on FB as Suntaa Konogini, he has been using iPhone 8 plus for 3 years now and in recent times, the phone has been lagging. He said he complained about how the phone now runs slowly to his wife.

Fast forward, a few weeks after he told his wife about the situation, Suntaa after getting back from a business trip went to his wardrobe to pick up some stuff only to see a gift bag in his space with a piece of note attached to it.

He opened the bag and voila, here is an iPhone 11 Pro lying in there for him. Suntaa who got awe-struck took to Facebook to share the beautiful moment with his friends.

He remarked that it is fine for women to surprise their men too.

He wrote: “I have been using my iphone 8+ for about 3 years now. Recently it became very slow and I complained last week…. fast forward. I returned from a trip this evening, opened my wardrobe and Boooom!!!!! My wife surprised me with an iPhone 11 Pro. Dear women, it is fine to surprise your men too… God bless you Mrs K ❤️🙏🏼

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