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#UgandaVsGhana: Hilarious Tweets from Twitter beef Between Uganda and Ghana Will Make Your Day


This is not the first time the two countries have started this troll or twitter war, the often do it from time to time.

It’s very funny and hilarious anytime influencers from various African countries takes shoots at each other. The recent one that happened on Twitter was between #GhanaVsNigeria where funny memes from both countries flooded Twitter.

It’s sad today, we’re seeing #UgandaVsGhana twitter war. Mostly it is just for fun and has never gone beyond the trolls. It makes social media vibrant and also in a way bring facts about both countries.

This time around it started with Ghana and Uganda, and after Ghana winning, somehow Uganda came into the scene all just for the fun of it.

Below are posts made by G1hanaians against Uganda during this troll;

1. Ghana Influencer Vs Uganda Influencer

2. The Only Famous thing that has ever come out of Ghana

3. The first time I sent a voice note to a friend in Uganda wey I talk the word “Philanthropist” them throw party give am. #UgandaVsGhana

4. Uganda’s biggest influencer initiating the #UgandaVsGhana banter

5. So #UgandaVsGhana is trending number 1 in both Ghana and Uganda… But let be honest… Which country rock!

6. This car right here in my country Ghana is used for transport services but in your country it’s used to convey criminals, this means your country is too small to see the light #UgandaVsGhana

7. Chief of the defence staff in Ghana and Chief of the defence staff in Uganda

8. When you finger a slay queen from Uganda #UgandaVsGhana

9. Vice President of Ghana Vs Vice President of UGANDA #UgandaVsGhana

10. Nurse in Ghana vs Nurses in Uganda

11. When I go to Uganda with 10 GHC,I’ll become the richest person there #UgandaVsGhana

12. United Nations ein the battle give Ghana. Check the reply #UgandaVsGhana

13. Slay queens in uganda look like the bird in their flag… #UgandaVsGhana

14. 70 year old Ugandan Vs a 70 year old Ghanaian #UgandaVsGhana

15. The first lady of Uganda looks like a surprised frog with lipsticks #UgandaVsGhana

There’s more Chale. Just go to Twitter and Enjoy More


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