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Tracey Boakye Loses Her Cool, Comes For Her Sugar Daddy’s Other Sidechick On Social Media & She Proved One Thing.


You shouldn’t look at Kumawood actress Tracy Boakye and be envious at all, thinking that she made it all through hardworking or her acting career.

She obviously didn’t make it with her own blood, sweat and tears and a recent Live stream she did on Instagram attacking another woman, a presumed actress too has had her confirming that, yes indeed, the properties of hers she flaunts on Social media were all provided by one motherf*cking rich old man.

I mean, not that how’s she’s chosen to earn her papers is a crime or that we are acting as moral judges and have an issue with that but then we just want to put it across that, she’s not the kind of woman you can look at and take any positive inspiration—Like look at her and say; “Oh Tracy built her house, started her business from her own blood, sweat and tears and so if she’s done it, I can also do it”


Well, you can say she’s somewhat smart and hardworking in the bedroom, and perhaps knows how to get a man to do her bidding because if its just about giving a man coochie, then several women give coochie all the time, and get nothing out of it.

While some are getting houses, business capital, business deals and other great offers by just opening their legs to a man, others are just getting indomie and 20ghc for postinor.

Hahahahahahhaha—It’s funny but then its also sad but that’s the nature of the world.

You gotta take some notes from Tracy to know how she does it because in her live video where she was attacking this woman who also dates her “Sponsor”, she mocked the person for being unable to get the things the man gives her.

Guys, it’s obvious that there are levels to the opening of legs and from what she said in the video, she does it well, such that this anonymous old man who is probably married pays the bills and even overpays them—Of course she’s given him even a baby too so ummmm, you can imagine.

After watching the video, I ask myself; “So what the f**k has your beef with the woman who shares same D**k with you got to do with us on Social media? Like must everything be on Social media these days”

Anyways, Watch the videos below and share your thoughts on it with us in comments.