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“The Option of Voting Wisely is Not Available This Year, People Will Vote Foolishly” – Manasseh Azure


Some Ghanaians over the years have raised comments that, they see no reason for voting since at the end of especially the presidential elections, promises made by the political party that won the election are not delivered after the election.

Even though Ghana practices multi-party system, only the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and National Patriotic Party (NPP) have had the mantle to lead the country over the past two decades.

Aside the patriotic members of these two political parties, some floating members who have to decide basically on which of these two parties to cast vote for have argued that both the NDC and NPP are the same. Others also say the incumbent and the presidential candidate of both majority and minority political parties are not the best option.

It seems the renowned Ghanaian investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni sides with that school of thought.

In a post sited by hypers Gh., The multiple-award-winning and one of the countries finest investigative journalist posted “I have registered to vote. I didn’t want to but I have changed my mind. I’ll vote!”Upon the numerous comments he received from his post, one was “Vote wisely” from one of the commenters.

Manasseh Azure then replied that ” the option of voting wisely is not available this year. Nipa beto Nkasea Aba!”Even though some people have tagged the ace journalist as a member of NDC in the NPP government due to some his investigative reports, Manasseh Azure seems not to see voting for either NPP or NDC as wise