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See What This Nurse Was Caught Doing In “Aboboyaa” That Have Got People Talking


Nurses are people who takes care of patients in the absence of the doctor. Ghanaian nurses are trained for three years and four years maximum. Some attend Universities some attend nursing training colleges, those who attend Universities are Mostly doctor assistants others are midwives.

Ghanaian nurses have been doing greatly well especially those in the villagers. Some nurse are posted to villagers I mean typical villagers which has no like nor electricity. But because of service to humanity they go there to work.

Some nurses have done something which have touch the heart of most Ghanaians. Those are the villagers some times walk in a river to the next village just to take care of patients.

This nurse was captured taking care of a pregnant woman in Aboboyaa, tricycle Wich have cause public reactions. As seen from the photo below the nurse put a drip of water on the pregnant woman in the Aboboyaa, this is all as a result of poor health facilities and poor road Networks in some parts of Ghana.

There were no ambulance so that was the only alternative. God bless all nurses especially those in villagers.

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