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No man has proposed to me ever since I was born,I want to k!ll myself and end everything – Lady cries


A problem shared is a problem solved. Taken a deep though, into our current generation, teens under the age of 15 have boyfriends and girlfriend respectively. Therefore, how possible could it be that a 22-year-old beautiful lady cries for love.

A lady(name withdrawn) was spotted in a live video crying bitterly for love. Initially, when I saw her,I thought she’s suffering from a sudden break up with probably her boyfriend but no!!!.

After watching her speak for a few minutes she made it clear that at her age(22 years), ever since she was born on planet earth, no man has ever approached her to ask of her name not even to talk about love or marriage.

According to her, she is tired of living such a mysterious life, thus she need an advisor or better till, she will take her life to end everything she’s passing through.

Now this is the argument, someone might ask, is she not beautiful?, is she a transgender? us she a lesbian? No!! None of the questions above carries a positive answer. According to our background checks,she is not a lesbian, neither is she a transgender. The exact problem is yet to be figured.

We humble plead to the general public to aid our sister kindly. An advisor or a lover will be needed to console her soul.