Home Entertainment Night of Prophecy :Ghanaians would experience hardship in 2021 – Badu Kobi

Night of Prophecy :Ghanaians would experience hardship in 2021 – Badu Kobi


The leader and head pastor of Glorious Waves International Ministry Prophet Badu Kobi has already predicted what lies ahead of Ghanaians in the year 2021.

Last night 31st December crossover service, a lot of preachers, prophets and men of God in general dropped

their predictions on what to expect in the coming year.

Normally at this period, we hear them say the country is going to mourn the loss of a big personality and others but looks like people are now fed up with those predictions and prophecies.Speaking with Captain Smart on Angel FM and TV, Prophet Badu Kobi revealed that Ghanaians are going to undergo a serious hardship in 2021.According to him, he has a solution to how people can survive this hardship but would disclose it during his 31st December crossover service which would be more powerful than all the previous years.

He went on and revealed that the world in general is going to see massive change and better lives in 2021 but he will add those details and go in-depth during the service. 

We hope on the night he doesn’t give any death prophesy since Ghanaians are not ready for that.