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My Mum Wanted Me To Become A Doctor But I didn’t Because I Am Not Handsome – AY Poyoo


Ghanaian comic rapper Emmanuel Yeboah popularly known as AY POYOO, “Aponkye” Goat revealed that his mother wanted him to become a doctor growing but he didn’t because he sees himself not to be good looking for the profession.

The young rapper who became very known for his viral song Goat “Aponkye” video in an interview on the Delay show, interview mentioned that, because he is not handsome, it discouraged him from the idea of wanting to become a doctor.

AY Poyoo believes his looks is very discomforting and could even make a comotose patient die just at mere sight of his face. Hence he went into comedy and music.

But I personally think looks has nothing to do with one’s choice of career especially when it’s a passion.

Well, he seems not to be doing that bad in his new found career path.


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