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Mr Drew narrates how he chopped their housemaid and why he likes to go out with older women


Budding Ghanaian singer who performs under the stage name Mr Drew has publicly confessed that, he likes to date women older than him compared to the younger ones.

According to Mr Drew, he started having s*x at a very young age and his first encounter was with their housemaid who forced herself on him when he was barely 15.

Mr Drew also shared his high school experience with listeners where he recounted how his girlfriend who was his senior then in Achimota school used to provide him with provisions and money.

The “Eat” crooner said;

…I have tried younger ladies before but most of them have been older than me. Like most of my ex-girlfriends are all older than me. Usually, with the older women, she has assessed herself well of being sure about what she wants to do but a younger lady is now settling down in terms of what she wants. I will rather choose someone who is matured than a younger lady. Sometimes the buy me this, buy me that of the younger ones too are issues…

Mr drew also admitted that, all the older ladies he has dated for the past years have provided him with enormous financial support.

…older people from my childhood have all been hailing me, buying stuff among other things for me. They go like, he is cute, let me buy you ice cream, take you to launch and things. It’s not like, I do it but it’s natural, it comes like that…

Widespread speculations on the local digital space purports that, the singer is currently arming the bead of controversial and loudmouth proclaimed queen of Ghana comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger.