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I am 3weeks pregnant for my brother, who slept with me during the lockdown


I Am 3-Weeks Pregnant For My Blood Brother Who Slept With Me During The Lockdown Because He Was Jilted

See what lockdown has caused me now as I am 3-wweks pregnant for my blood brother amidst the novel coronavirus. It all started when my brother came home and saw me naked but he didn’t said a word.

Some days before the lockdown he was very sad and I asked him what happened but reluctantly answered me that he was jilted by his girlfriend and I felt sorry for him and 4days later the President announced a lockdown order for all citizens.

And then one faithful morning he came into my room with his manhood so hard and I couldn’t resist him then I asked him come and put that thing inside me but he refuse, instead he came we had fun with each other and that was how my blood brother and I started sleeping with each other, so we had slept with each other for about four times and not so long after the lockdown was lifted, I started feeling strange so I had to visit a near by hospital to do some medical check up and then I was told I am 3-weeks pregnant, at first I didn’t believe because I only slept with my brother during the past 3-weeks of lockdown but then I went to another hospital just to clarify what I was told and to my greatest surprise another result of the test came out to be positive that I am pregnant for 3-weeks and I was totally shocked because I don’t what my parent will say about this and how I am going to tell my blood brother that I am 3-weeks pregnant for him.

This whole thing started because of me and because I wanted to comfort my blood brother who has been jilted by his girlfriend and I want to make him relieved from the heartbreak and not knowing that I will later got pregnant for him and right now I am confused because I don’t know what to do and how to go about this.

Please I need someone to advice me on what I should do?

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