Home Entertainment Hajia Bintu is a dishonest person,Andy Dosty Fires her on live radio

Hajia Bintu is a dishonest person,Andy Dosty Fires her on live radio


Veteran broadcaster and the host of Hitz FM morning show Andy Dosty has gone hard on Tiktok star Hajia Bintu after she disappointed him. 

The radio host who felt disrespected over the whole incident explained that he planned on having a shoot with Hajia Bintu and started having conversations with her. 

He went on to say that at the begining she was giving him attitude until he revealed himself to her after which they agreed to meet and have the shoot taken. 

According to Andy Dosty Hajia Bintu at a point told him she would be going for a friend’s engagement and would come to the location after they had close but she failed to turn up. 

Andy Dosty said: ”Hajiatold me she would attend a friend’s engagement and then meet me at the location of the shoot on the day. We waited and waited on that day and she stalled as at the shoot.

He explained that though he wasn’t angry with her, she could have done better but telling him the truth than wasting his time and raising his hopes high.

“I was not angry at all but she could have done better “She wasn’t very fair to me because she got me hyped and she was not forthcoming” he said. 

The host concluded that he was very surprised when he saw Hajia Bintu feature in Shatta Wale’s music video.



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