Home Entertainment Girl, 15, commits suicide amidst coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Girl, 15, commits suicide amidst coronavirus stay-at-home orders


A teenage girl in California killed herself after she reportedly struggled to cope with the state’s stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Jo’Vianni Smith, 15, of Stockton, was found dead inside her home after she hanged herself last week.

A coach at Jo’Vianni’s school, Bear Creek High School, told Recordnet that ‘the cause of death reportedly was due to the stresses and pressures from coping with the self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Her mother, Danielle Hunt, is devastated. ‘We can’t think that our kids are OK just because … I felt that I was doing all that I could as a parent to leave the communication open,’ Hunt told Fox 40, adding that Jo’Vianni did not leave a note behind.

Hunt described her daughter as ‘bubbly,’ ‘loving,’ and the light of her world.

‘It’s like, how do you explain a girl like her? If you met her one time, like, she made an impact in your life,’ she said.

Jo’Vianni, a sophomore this year, was also a stellar student athlete who played softball, basketball and played music.

Source: Daily Mail