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Ghana is beautiful – Five Beautiful Beach Resorts In Country


Ghana is a beautiful country with tons of tourists sites and interesting activities to get you relaxed, happy and enjoy your leisure, vacations or holidays. The country sits on the Gulf of Guinea and indeed has beautiful beaches and hotels to lounge in when you travel into the country or want to have relaxation outside from.

There are many beach resorts and hotels in the country but would like you to know the five beautiful ones that would make you think you are probably in Miami but no, this is Ghana and Ghana is beautiful.

Now let us take a tour.

1. White Sands Beach Resort

This is a beach resort and hotel located in the Central Region of Ghana, Gomoa Fetteh to be precise. White Sands Beach Resort is clear example of perfect holiday and vacation away from home. The environment provides people with the best atmosphere for relaxing and reflection. And the there is a beautiful swimming pool alongside the sea. So if you can’t swim in the sea, you can opt for the swimming pool. White Sands Beach Resort also provides a perfect view of the setting of the rural community and the natural view of the trees and mountains. If you want a great relaxing, seek no further than White Sands Beach Resort.

2. Maaha Beach Resort

The second beautiful beach is the Maaha Beach Resort. For an unforgettable getaway for relaxation and a touch of cultural feel, Maaha beach resort is the perfect location. The environment provides a serenity to enjoy your leisure to fullest. Maaha Beach resort is located Atuabo in the Western Region, the oil and gas city of Ghana.

3. Cocoloco beach resort

For more of natural retreat and a feel of African culture, Cocoloco beach resort is the best place for a full package. The resort provides an overnight beach Camp, built with local materials like straw, mud and sand. There bothe local and continental dishes available. Cocoloco Beach is also located Ada Foah in the Eastern region of Ghana, where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Coconut Grove Beach Resort

Coconut Grove Beach resort is one of the resorts in the country that gives you the opportunity to experience the real historical, fishing communities and beautiful African cultural artifacts. It is located at Cape Coast, the country’s side known for it historical prominence. Coconut Grove gives the amazing scenery of the sea with palm-trees meticulous arranged on the shore of the beach. There is also the pool and varieties of games.


5. La Pleasure Beach Resort

As the name goes, La Pleasure Beach. Beautiful and amazing beach resorts in Ghana can not be mentioned without La Pleasure Beach resort also known as Labadi beach. For a luxurious holiday, getaway or leisure, the La Pleasure Beach provides the perfect environment for perfect relaxation. There are also good foods both continental and local, swimming pool and the sea. La Pleasure Beach is located in labadi, a town in the capital city of Ghana, Accra.


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