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Drama as man busted his friend secretly recording his Wife while showering [video]


A man was horrified after finding a spy phone installed by his best friend that had been recording his Wife while taking her bath.

Day in day out mind blowing news keeps hitting us and trust me this very one is a very disturbing one. Not too long ago, a video of a women begging a hawker on the street for kiss hit the internet and social media users can’t think far.

A new video circulating online this morning has put a lot of social media users in the state of shock as their reaction to it proves.

In the unbelievable video circulating on social media, a married man caught his best friend whom he brought to their home to stay with them for sometime to find himself something doing recording his wife’s nak3dness while she was in the bathroom.

However, no one has an idea of what the man was going to do in their bedroom but happens to enter the bathroom when his wife had finish bathing just to see a strange box on the floor.

The box was behind their WC and out of curiosity, He took it and upon opening it he found that it was a phone which was set to record a video which belonged to his best friend who he gave a place to sleep.

Watch the video below: