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Different Types Of People In “Trotro” Which Part Do You Belong To?


There are different types of people who baord public transport and exhibit different kinds of attitudes. Whiles others sit quietly minding theor own business , others are fond of picking up fights with the bus conductor (mates) or the driver or other passengers while in “troskis”.There is this funny post about types of people in troskis and it’s hilarious. Well, I have compiled some and added mine from personal observations.

The following are the categories of people.

1. The fighters

Fighters don’t leave their habit of picking up fights at home. In fact, they carry it along with them even when going to board a troskis. This category of people are found either always making trouble with the bus conductor (mate), the driver or another passengers. And they can quarrel to they alight at their destination

2. The buyers

This type of passengers start buying from the moment the car takes off to moment they get to their destination. They virtually buy everything they see.

3. The loud talkers

These people can sometimes be very annoying and funny at the same time. They talk soo loudly in trotro especially when making a phone call. You could possibly wish you could give them a slap sometimes but can’t.

4. The sleepy heads

These are the people who immediately the vehicle takes off, they start sleeping. Some sleep so intense to the point of drooling and resting their heads on other passenger besides them.

5. The preachers

This is very common in our public transport. The preachers are those passengers who preach the word of God in the trotro. They are either going to the destination of the vehicle or they alight along the way.

6. The music and movie lovers

These people are always with their earphones listening to music or radio. They sometimes even when listening to nothing, still have the ear headphones stuffed in their ears. And the movie lovers. Even in trotro, they are soo engulfed in their phones watching movies.

7. The Debaters

This category of people are the troski politicians. They debate about politics with other passengers in troskis and throw insults at opposing members. And they can be very annoying, especially when you are sitting beside or infront of them.

8. Those scared of speed

This is the category of people who wish the car goes like a snail. They complain and ask rhetorical questions like “driver, are we going to Kumasi or Tamale, why are you speeding up like that?”. Some even go to the extent of saying ” driver, are you going to throw us away or driver do you want to kill us” “driver abeg slow down na we ain’t going far”.

9. Front seat hunters

This category of people are always fighting over front seat. They always want to occupy the front seat. If there is someone already at the front seat, they would rather wait for the next car.

10. The “bra mate a shortage” type

They are always shortage of money and their fares are always not intact. They normally get issues with the bus conductor (mate)

11. The “I don’t care” type

These people are always silent. They don’t talk in troskis and don’t even care about anything happening in the troskis. Even if the one next to them is fighting. They just mind their own business.

12. The explorers

There are the kind of passenger who have the passion of sitting by the window and looking out for new things, enjoying the soothing breeze, admiring nature and beautiful buildings.

Which category do you fall in?

If you know of any category I didn’t add, kindly tell me in the comment section.