Home Entertainment D!cksappointed Sister Derby blasts her exes (screenshot)

D!cksappointed Sister Derby blasts her exes (screenshot)


Deborah Vanessa, popularly known as Sister Derby, who is widely celebrated for her relevance in the music industry has not been the same since her last relationship with Medikal ended on a bad note.

Sister Derby has been airing her disappointment in different ways decodable by persons with literal eyes and minds

Derby took her time to put her exes on a blast, and from the look of things, she still feels bitter about the fact that Medikal left her to marry someone he claimed was just a friend – Fella Makafui.

In recent posts sighted by Gossips24.com on Derby’s snapchat, she revealed how some men will “distract and disgrace you“.

This was a second after she revealed how an ex of hers in 2015 was acting a fool out of her until her mum spoke some sense into her thick skull.

In another post, she stated that one of her exes used to call her 5 to 7 times daily to check up on her. At the beginning of it all, she thought that was sweet only to find out that she was being monitored by the guy to prevent her from clashing with his numerous girls at the same location she may be going.

See screenshots below: