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Commenting on Social Media could be fun but see how a lady’s comment on Facebook ruined her Marriage


Normally people either show their real self or use social media to hide under the carpet and misbehave.

One of the very vital use of social media according to research is to escape reality. Something someone might not be able to do or say in real life will be done within micro seconds due to social media.People comment with all sort of reactions on social media. Some commend, praise, cast insinuations whiles others also use that as the opportunity to insult, harass people and say silly things.

Well, commenting on social media could go way wrong if not done in the right way.

A Nigerian lady’s marriage crushed all because of a comment she made about cheating on Facebook .

The lady who thought she was probably joining the band wagon of giving hilarious comments about a post just had to face the real consequences of losing her marriage.

The question on the a certain page on Facebook was ” would you cheat on your husband if offered 10 million Naira”.The lady who has gone through the traditional marriage with the husband and awaiting the white wedding in few weeks replied that, the saod amount of money being offered is even too muc and that she would cheat even when offered less amount of 200 thousand Naira.

Friends and family of the groom-to- be communicated the message to the guy after several times of telling the lady to delete that comment since she would be officially getting married very soon.

Well, apparently even after deleting the comment, she had to bear the bitter consequences of the husband cancelling the white wedding ceremony and taking the dowry he paid to her family back.

This is very sad and shouldn’t happen to anyone. Aside some silly comments on social media affecting our social lives it could also be a serious hindrance in getting employment or some international appointments. So we should be weary of the stuff we put out there on social media.

Comment with your thoughts of the guys cancelling of the marriage due to a Facebook comment. Was he overreacting or you side with him?