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Check the five African countries with the most COVID-19 cases and Ghana is in the list


Ghana is part of the first five African countries with most Covid-19 cases.

According to the report by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDP.As at 15th July, 2020, the five African countries that have recorded most cases of the coronavirus pandemic are as follows :

1. South Africa
South Africa is the first country to have most Covid-19 cases with total number of 626 726 cases, 4 347 number of deaths and remaining 147083 confirmed cases.

2. Egypt
The second country on the list is Egypt. The North Africa country has a total revord of 83 930, 40 081 deaths and 15 619 confirmed cases.

3. Nigeria
Nigeria has a total Covid-19 cases of 33 616, 754 death and 7 922 confirmed cases, placing the coimtry as third on the list.

4. Ghana
Ghana is the fourth on the list of five most record Covid-19 cases. The total number of cases Ghana 25 252 and 139 deaths.

Even though Ghana is placed fourth on the list of most recorded cases of COVID-19 in Africa, it has the lowest record of death cases among these African countries.

5. Algeria
The last country is Algeria. Algeria has sum cases of 20 216, death cases of 1 028 and confirmed cases of 6 309.

Africa has recorded a total sum 626 726 Covid-19 cases.