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Captain Smart drops hint of Pastors who went to Benin to kill Nana Addo


Celebrated broadcaster Captain Smart has without fear or favour droppoed the full name and details of the pastors and preachers who took President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to Benin to be killed.

According to the presenter, these men of God went back to Benin to be able to kill the Nana Addo before he is sworn into goverment on Thursday 7th January. 

The outspoken presenter went ahead to mention that, one of the men of God stays in his area at Tantra Hills.

“They are very funny. One of them lives around my area. He went with another prophet,” Captain Smart revealed. 

Venting his anger, the broadcaster shamed the pastors and said the president will never die no matter the kind of evil conspiracy brought against him. 

And even if he should die, the presidency will not be transferred to the pastors’ choice of president, Captain Smart added. 

“Just like if I should die today, my house at Tantra Hills will not be given to you no matter how you want it. It is for my wife. Some people must understand this principle of life,” he stressed.