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Britons head to the parks and beaches to soak up 73F heat despite lockdown


Britons across the nation are continuing to flout social distancing guidelines as the country tries to control the surge in coronavirus cases which has now hit 84,279.

With temperatures soaring to 73F in parts of the UK today, sun-soaked parks and beaches were once again filling up with people flouting lockdown rules by sunbathing – as councils were forced to shut cemeteries to stop Easter mourners gathering to lay flowers.

Today shocking pictures revealed sunbathers lounging in London’s Victoria Park, which only reopened its gates yesterday after being closed for two weeks to deter those breaching the government’s social distancing measures, sunbathing in Battersea Park and gathering at Beachy Head in East Sussex.

As the nation continues to grapple with the rising death toll, which has now hit 10,612, today cyclists were seen embarking on rides of up to 200 miles organised by social-fitness app Strava, which tracks cycling and running exercises.

In other acts of continuing defiance, one covidiot on a dirt bike was filmed goading a cycling policeman chasing him in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, on Friday afternoon.

The scenes come after police officers were forced to stage an intervention after a huge house party overflowing with lockdown rebels sprung up at a property in Stockton, Durham.

Around two dozen officers were required to attend, along with four paramedics as the illegal gathering spiralled out of control.

Elsewhere in Victoria Park, Easter Sunday was making it difficult for people to stay two metres apart and joggers were seen running topless in the park alongside walkersIn Weymouth in Dorset police officers stopped to talk to a couple who were out on Easter Sunday amid the coronavirus lockdown

Dog walkers joined people on their daily exercise routine in Hyde Park, London, but with many visiting the park, social distancing guidelines became difficult to obey in certain hotspots of activity

Sunbathers are starting to gather on the grass at Battersea Park, including this relaxing reader who had stopped after riding his bike to the London park on Sunday morning.

Source: Daily Mail