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BBNaija2020: Is Kiddwaya Really A Playboy? – After His Words To Nengi Went Viral | VIDEO


Kiddwaya has caused a huge stir on social media after his words to fellow BBNaija housemate, Nengi “I will buy you a ring from London and source the Diamond from Botswana” not only caught the attention of many but left them in outmost shock as they couldn’t believe their eyes; hence wonder what he is on about this time around since it was not long ago that he professed to Erica he will take her to London and Wathoni they will have a baby named Lilia.

Although some fans are of the view that, frankly speaking, he fancies himself in love with Erica, others think otherwise, saying it is Wathomi rather sparkling unending arguments here and here and amidst all these confusions the rest think Nengi and Kidd deserve each other looking at how both housemates character intertwine.

A Tweep from Excellent Babe spelled “Kidd is a confirm player… It’s obvious he likes Wathoni and attracted to Erica… I’m beginning to think that the ship between Erica and Kiddwaya won’t last. I’m so scared for Erica right now” Her comment was backed by Beckygray “Kidd is trying his luck, cos Erica is not that easy to giv in just because u are a billionaire’s son… Wathoni; Kidd go only chop and clean mouth and run back to Erica, The guy is a player thou, I feel is just catching cruise… not that serious”.

A surprise of the night was pulled by BBNaija housemate Brighto. Known for his reserved nature and as someone who doesn’t talk much is rather ‘the devil they knew not’ as it seems he is the source of all havoc in the house in terms of relationships, major ships, and romance earning him the name “Bright the confusionist!”