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17 persons with coronavirus cured in Ghana


A record 17 persons who contracted coronavirus have been cured in Ghana as the country steps up its enhanced testing for the virus that has infected millions of people across the globe.

Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Patrick Aboagye, at a news briefing to give update on the country’s covid-19 situation Tuesday, said the 17 people have who initially tested positive, have twice tested negative after receiving treatment.

“We have 17 persons who have recorded double negatives and are obviously clinically cured and that’s quite good,” he said.

He defined recovered as persons who initially tested positive but later “recorded consecutive negative”.

Dr revealed that 66 others who initially tested positive for the virus and are currently receiving treatment are on the verge of recovery, indicating that they “have tested negative for the virus once”.

They are expected to go through a second testing after which they will be discharged as having been cured if they test negative again.

“Chances are that they’ll all test negative again,” he stated.

The Director General defined recovery as persons who initially test positive for the virus but consecutively test negative.